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Annotation and key words

№4, 2016

Article name: «The bank bailout — a tool to stabilize the economy?»

Authors: Kuzmina O.Y., Konovalova M.E., Kazantseva A.A.

E-mail: pisakina83@yandex.rumkonoval@mail.ruk7l9e9o1@yandex.ru.

Annotation: the Article is devoted to the analysis of the procedure of reorganization of the Russian banking sector, which is quite expensive for the state, which explains why it is so rare in practice, unlike the revocation of the license of the Bank. It is emphasized that the reorganization along with the revocation of the banking license is very ambiguous tools, having both positive and negative consequences of their use.

Keywords: banking system, banking reorganization, revocation of banking licenses, bankruptcy.

Article name: «Valuation of functioning enterprise as valuation of a single».

Authors: Veyg N.V.

E-mail: veyg_natalia@mail.ru.

Annotation: The article is devoted to assessment of the value of operating company with the identification of all components of the business since the synergetic effect of their interaction is able to generate the financial result of economic activity of the enterprise as a united complex.

Keywords: Value, enterprise, complex, fixed assets, reliability, information, approach, business, balance, rights.

Article name: «Labor and capital as the main organizational and economic factors of production».

Authors: Babordina O.A., Garanina M.P.

E-mail: olgababordina@rambler.rugaraninamarina@ya.ru.

Annotation: The article considers theoretical aspects of the concepts of labor and capital as basic factors of economic development of the industrial business. Presents three-factor concept of intellectual, emphasizing the combination of human, social and organizational capital. The classification of human capital as a complex multilevel socio-economic category. Justified the system of labor potential management of the industrial business.

Keywords: labour potential, human capital, strategic planning, management development, qualification level, the scorecard.

Article name: «The role of human resources in improving the efficiency of modern production».

Authors: Babordina O.A., Garanina M.P.

E-mail: olgababordina@rambler.rugaraninamarina@ya.ru.

Annotation: The article considers the mechanism of interaction of labour resources, labour potential, labour force, human capacity, human capital, characterising productivity. Are the characteristics of human resources of the Samara region and the deficiency of labor. Substantiates the dependence of labor productivity from the efficient use of human capital and the quality of the workforce.

Keywords: human resources, labor potential, work force, human potential, human capital, labor productivity, labor force quality, production efficiency.

Article name: «Main parameters of the federal budget in 2015-2016 and forecast period 2017-2019».

Authors: Belanova N.N.

E-mail: Belanova.nata@yandex.ru.

Annotation: The article analyses fiscal policy in Russia. There are the main parameters of the Federal budget, the state budget deficit and sources of its financing. The author proposes to strengthen the role of the Government in production and investment. The Government must take a carefully considered and optimal decisions.

Keywords: Federal budget, the fiscal costs, the budget deficit, the financing of the budget deficit.

Article name: «Economic questions of development of engineer of Russia on the base of increase of innovative potential».

Authors: Gumarov S.B.

E-mail: Serikgumarov78@mail.ru.

Annotation: This article describes the mechanisms for improving the management of economic development of the domestic machine builder-foot complex by enhancing innovation and technology in potential. The directions of increase of economic efficiency of the enterprises of mechanical engineering in modern conditions based on the use of scientific and technological progress in the inter-sectoral and regional levels.

Keywords: innovation, technology, development, economics, engineering, system efficacy, mechanisms of progress.

Article name: «The analysis of policy of attraction of a foreign investment».

Authors: Gumarov S.B.

E-mail: Serikgumarov78@mail.ru.

Annotation: In the article the analysis of the dynamics of development of oil and gas, designated the economic situation of the company and the location of the places of production of oil and gas business in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Reveals the rational use of raw material stocks of oil and gas on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and policies to attract direct investment from abroad for production purposes. Denotes a system to create favorable conditions for business and investment climate. Presents directions of creating financial stability in the oil and gas sector.

Keywords: Mineral resources, foreign investment, oil and gas industry, the dynamics of economic development, investment policies.

Article name: «Research of the market of venture investment of the Russian Federation».

Authors: Guzhova O.A.


Annotation: The article analyzes the market trends of venture capital investment over the past five years (2012-2016 gg.). Evaluation venture market testifies to its development, despite the crisis in the economy. The activity of venture funds in Russia is increasing, largely due to foreign transactions. So, over the past three years by 3.4 times increase in the number of foreign funds that invest in Russian startups. In 2016, the Russian venture funds committed 53 exit, this is more than 2 times compared to 2015.

Keywords: venture capital funds, business venture, startup, Funds outputs.

Article name: «Basic methodological aspects of forecasting the business development of the company».

Authors: Pimenova E.M.

E-mail: pimenova-elena@rambler.ru.

Annotation: The article studies the main methods of financial forecasting, the algorithm of forecasting of the financial performance of the company.

Keywords: forecast, method, the forecast balance sheet, forecast of financial results.

Article name: «Evaluation of the functioning of special economic zones in Russia».

Authors: Kirillova T.V., Nazarov M.A., Shekhova N.V.

E-mail: nalogi_audit@mail.runataly65vf@gmail.com.

Annotation: The article presents the evaluation of the special economic zones in Russia, highlighted the main tax benefits granted to residents of such areas, analyzes the key indicators that characterize the level of development and the effectiveness of various types of special economic zones.

Keywords: special economic zone, taxation, incentives, infrastructure, preferences, performance indicators.

Article name: «Key rate bank of Russia as the main instrument of monetary policy and its role in the development of the economy».

Authors: Tolstov S.N., Tolstov N.S.

E-mail: sta9sov@gmail.comntolstov@yahoo.com.

Annotation: This article discusses the key features of the application rate, its influence on parameters such as inflation, exchange rate, interest rates and lending; the relationship of interest rates and economic growth.

Keywords: key rate, interest rate corridor, inflation targeting, the refinancing operation.

Article name: «Ownership relations in terms of efficiency of the reproduction process of the municipal services of a large city».

Authors: Shalimov S.M.

E-mail: shsm56@mail.ru.

Annotation: The municipal services of a large city is a complex socioeconomic formation. In a resource-constrained environment the most important issues for the municipal services become an increasing of effectiveness usage of the economic resources. Effectiveness has no any connections with the organizational legal forms in particular, but rely on the external and internal realities where the economic entities take place. The municipal services' subjects function in the life-support area of the specific municipal entity. The system support of the reproduction process with the economic resources based on the balance of interests of the economic agents creates the indispensable conditions for functioning and development of the municipal services of a large city.

Keywords: ownership relations; the economic agents; economic resources; organizational legal forms; the municipal formation of a large city; the reproduction process; effectiveness.

Article name: «Statistics min-max as a calibration tool in the comparative assessment approach».

Authors: Kozlova E.V., Kozlov V.V.

E-mail: b2bkev@mail.ru.

Annotation: This article devoted to the issues of the adequacy of the results of the assessment of market value, obtained by statistical modeling, of common sense. We study the verification assessment of the market value of the object. It consists of: an analysis of the general population counterparts prices; define the upper and lower boundaries of the price; verification of compliance with the price swing combined effect of pricing factors on the price of analogues object of evaluation; positioning the market value of the object of evaluation in the price range by adjusting for pricing factors by min and max boundaries prices; justification of the price range in which the market value of the object of evaluation. For practicing evaluators and users of valuation services.

Keywords: sample analogues, general set price, rating, market value, pricing factors.

№3, 2016

Article name: «Solidarism — the paradigm of the XXI century».

Authors: Kretov S.I., Okara A.N.

E-mail: kretsi1955@gmail.com.

Annotation: the advent of the new century has brought new knowledge to humanity and cast a new challenge. Two synchronized crisis came almost simultaneously. The crisis of «The civilization of the Nature conquers» and the kapitalitarizm’s crisis like the typical crisis of the final epoch of civilization formation. Awareness by the authors this truly unique bifurcation point allowed to make such an ambitious conclusion formulated in the title of the article.

Keywords: solidarism, civilization, humanistic socio-economic formation, productive forces, relations of production, associated private property of citizens.

Article name: «Solidarity planning — fundamental basis».

Authors: Koshkin V.I., Kretov S.I.

E-mail: president@vshpp.rukretsi1955@gmail.com.

Annotation: the short-sightedness of many scientific stuff who opposed the market and planning becomes apparent at the present stage of development of productive forces and production relations. Harmonization of interests of producers and consumers in the form of so-called «invisible hand of the market» suffers from two fundamental flaws. Firstly, this agreement is only bad or very bad (hence the constant crises). Secondly, it is the most extravagant matching method that leads to the catastrophic waste of natural resources and human waste littering the environment. Solidarity planning — it is an objective way from traps of Humanity snobbish consumption.

Keywords: solidarism, planning, market economy, the vital consumption, snobbish consumption, «apriority value», objectively determined valuations.

Article name: «Analysis of models of economic development from the point of realization of human potential».

Authors: Jabborov D.B.

E-mail: jab.daler@gmail.com.

Annotation: the article presents an alternative model of socio-economic development, examined through the prism of human development. It shows statistics on the US, the Nordic countries and states, who used socialist methods of regulation. The article shows that the realization of human potential is possible, and sometimes more effective not only in the framework of a liberal and not only in the market model.

Keywords: human potential, Human development index, GDP, Education, Neoliberalism, Scandinavian model, Socialism.

Article name: «Mergers and acquisitions as part of the capital market».

Authors: Kozlov A.S.

E-mail: kozlov.alex.s@gmail.com.

Annotation: the article is dedicated to the actual and little-studied aspect of the capital market — mergers and acquisitions, a phenomenon that is rapidly developing on the world markets and has recently attracted attention of national researchers. In Russian-speaking literature mergers and acquisitions are analyzed in the context of changes of the private company status and the subsequent changes in the ownership structure of the national economy. In this paper we try to show that the process of mergers and acquisitions as a result of the complex business-sale procedures is a special capital market that has its own unique business-infrastructure and special rules, special product and borders within the capital market.

Keywords: capital market, mergers and acquisitions; company reorganization, deals in the market of mergers and acquisitions, transactions, agents, market size, mergers and acquisitions market growth indicators.

Article name: «The basic theoretical aspects of forecasting business development of industrial enterprises».

Authors: Pimenova E.M.

E-mail: pimenova-elena@rambler.ru.

Annotation: the article studies the essence and forms of foresight, and examined the relationship and differences of the terms «forecast», «plan», «estimate».

Keywords: foresight, forecast, plan, financial forecasting.

Article name: «Machinery and equipment as objects of valuation in the secondary market».

Authors: Veyg N.V.

E-mail: veyg_natalia@mail.ru.

Annotation: in this article the author analyses factors that influence the cost of the technical object on the secondary market of machines and equipment.

Keywords: machinery, equipment, value, wear.

Article name: «Technological change and earnings inequality growth».

Authors: Gorshckov A.A.

E-mail: an.gorshckoff@yandex.ru.

Annotation: among hypothesis about reasons of the earnings inequality rise in developed economies during the last three decades, skill-biased technological change hypothesis has gained especial popularity. According to this hypothesis, contemporary stage of technological development caused the sustainable growth of most skilled workers’ relative productivity leading to the rise in their relative wages. The article studies possible reasons of technological change «direction» towards labor of the most skilled workers, theoretical issues of this hypothesis and also potential of alternative approaches.

Keywords: inequality, wage, information technology, innovational change, human capital.

Article name: «Assessment of competencies in career management at the enterprises of oil and gas complex with the use of innovation in the educational training system».

Authors: Naumov A.V.

E-mail: naw-artem@mail.ru.

Annotation: at the enterprises of oil and gas profile of the special role of acquiring training and development based on the competence approach. This article examines the relationship of concepts qualification, competence with the career development of staff of the organization, as human capital — the factor of economic prosperity at the expense of information, knowledge, innovative approaches to the work, the source of which he is.

Keywords: competence, career, innovations, profile positions.

Article name: «Analysis of housing situation of the population of the samara region in the system of assessment of living standards in the region».

Authors: Domnina S.V., Salynina S.U.

E-mail: swdomnina@mail.rusalyninasu@mail.ru.

Annotation: in the article the analysis of housing space for the population of the Samara region in the context of quantitative and qualitative indicators based on the data of official statistics for a number of years and conducted by the authors sociological research. Assessment of the property component of the standard of living of the population of the Samara region indicating the satisfactory condition of the region in the field of providing the population with housing and low infrastructure provision for this component.

Keywords: the standard of living of the population, per capita incomes, commissioning of residential buildings, total area of residential premises, falling on average per inhabitant; the real estate market; primary market of housing; secondary housing market; the housing affordability index, property component of well-being.

№2, 2016

Article name: «Contemporary of the future».

Authors: Tsagolov G.N.

E-mail: gtsagolov@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to the biography and works of, the prominent economist.

Keywords: S. S. Dzarasov, capitalism, Keynesianism, post-Keynesianism.

Article name: «Socio-economic views of N.N. Alekseev».

Authors: Ninceeva G.V.

E-mail: nincieva@yandex.ru.

Annotation: central to the consideration of scientists economic issues justly address the issue of ownership. For the successful development of the problem is necessary, according to Alekseev, to clarify the theoretical foundations of the property. Property, believed Alekseev, is primarily a legal concept, manifested in four categories: the legal object, the legal subject, legal content and legal relationship. Drawing model of the new socio-economic system, Alekseev anticipated the basic contours of a post-industrial society.

Keywords: ownership: subjects, objects, content, legal relationship, private and public; private property reforms, the product of labor.

Article name: «National characteristics using the terms Company and Business in relation to the assessment of their value».

Authors: Veyg N.V.

E-mail: veyg_natalia@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to national characteristics of the use of the terms Company and Business in relation to the assessment of their value.
The Author analyses current Russian practice of using the term Business that has been deeply rooted not only in speech, but also in valuation practices. That reveals contradictions with the legal definition of the Enterprise exclusively like property complex, whose balance assets can include such objects as buildings, constructions, lands, equipment, transport, intangible assets and etc. Their total value determines the value of the Business according to standard The Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: enterprise, Business, Russian legislation, property complex, subjects of law, deal, rent, deposit, profit, balance, assets , buildings, constructions, land, equipment, Statement of defence, intangible assets, management, customer database, securities, cost.

Article name: «The cost of participation in corporate capital».

Authors: Kozlov V.V., Frolov I.S.

E-mail: xity@yandex.ru.

Annotation: In this paper we study the main pricing factors influencing the price premiums for equity participation in the business: the quantitative factor (value package); legal factor (privileges established by the legislation); the structural factor (share of packets between the participants of the business).
The mathematical game — theoretic model of calculation of the premium for owning the shares of any size, offered in this article, based on the concept of Shapley solution of the cooperative game, consisting in the characteristic form of the specification of three components: 1) a list of participants; 2) many coalitions; 3) specified the winnings of each coalition.

Keywords: value, shareholding, corporate capital.

Article name: «The application of reengineering in the fuel and energy companies».

Authors: Chirkunova Е.K., Erschova M.V.

E-mail: echirkunova@gmail.commarfa__07@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article discusses the theoretical and technological features of investment projects of fuel and energy complex, the concept of reengineering of production systems and business processes as a way to improve the effectiveness of investment projects and obtaining of synergetic effect of development of fuel and energy companies. The peculiarities of technological re-engineering in oil companies. The proposed stages of the reengineering of the ground infrastructure of Mature fields. Depending on the direction of use of allocated reengineering of the innovation-investment projects aimed at energy efficiency and durability of equipment. Special attention is paid to problems and prospects of application of re-engineering projects in the oil industry.

Keywords: investment project, re-engineering, fuel and energy complex, innovation.

Article name: «Optimization of industrial enterprise transport costs».

Authors: Shekhova N.V., Kireeva E.E., Klimuk V.V.

E-mail: nataly65vf@gmail.comkireevaee@mail.ruklim-w11@rambler.ru.

Annotation: the article presents the characteristics of the existing theories of the location optimization of the industrial enterprise. Theory of standorte has applied on specific companies to determine alternative options for reducing transport costs. The JSC «Baranovichi reinforced concrete plant» (Brest oblast) and the company «Baltkran» (Kaliningrad region) have selected as objects of study. The study determined optimal path of travel for enterprises and implemented the process of choosing the best place for the location of subsidiaries. The economic effect of reducing transport costs for businesses under the proposed conditions has determined.

Keywords: theory of location, optimization, transport costs, industrial enterprise, location, theory of standorte.

Article name: «Factors of impact on oil prices in modern time».

Authors: Shtrikov A.B.

E-mail: ashtrikov@yandex.ru.

Annotation: questions of an economic justification of fuel prices, connected with sharp increase in amplitudes of fluctuation of price of oil, characteristic of the present the question of research of the factors influencing the oil prices actual does. In work research of extent of influence of each factor on the oil prices in time is conducted, and also their change for the last decades in connection with changes of model of pricing is analysed.

Keywords: price, oil, production, consumption, barrel, spot, futures.

Article name: «Municipal property management: insight of the concession agreements’ practice and prospects».

Authors: Evdokimov N.N., Soluyanova E.S.

E-mail: Nickelsyz@list.rusoluyanova.mk@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article provides the domestic practice of using concession agreements in the field of municipal property management. Promising areas of municipalities’ activity to improve the efficiency of concession agreements are highlighted on the basis of the insight of the concession agreements’ practice and the legal framework.

Keywords: Municipal property, concession, management system of municipal property, municipal-private partnership.

Article name: «An integrated approach to the management of staff competencies».

Authors: Chirkunova Е.K., Naumov A.V.

E-mail: ekchirkunova@gmail.comnaw-artem@mail.ru.

Annotation: this article examines the relationship of concepts qualification, competence with career development within the organization because human capital - a factor of economic prosperity of due to the organization thanks to information, knowledge and innovative approaches to action, the source of which it is.

Keywords: competence, career, profile positions.

Article name: «Managing staff employment in conditions, fluctuations in demand for products».

Authors: Babordina O.A., Garanina M.P.

E-mail: olgababordina@rambler.rugaraninamarina@ya.ru.

Annotation: the article is scientifically justified management system employment of staff at an industrial enterprise in the conditions of fluctuations in the demand for manufactured products. It identifies directions of perfection of organizational structure, methods of production, of labor and the formation of an optimal number of staff.

Keywords: employment, demand for products, the optimum staffing, personnel management, downsizing, span of control.

Article name: «Features of the institute of business today».

Authors: Nedorezova E.S., Ermolaev K.N.

E-mail: nedlen63@yandex.ruermolaevkn@yandex.ru.

Annotation: the basic restrictions Enterprise Institute, constraining its development. On the basis of systematization of these limitations are highlighted features of development at the present stage Enterprise Institute. It is shown that the main feature - care entrepreneurs in the informal, often in the informal economy.

Keywords: Enterprise Institute, institutional constraints, ease of doing business index, the index of economic freedom countries.

№1, 2016

Article name: «Problems of the economy and the Federal budget».

Authors: Belanova N.N.

Annotation: the article analyses fiscal policy in Russia. The crisis in the economy and the decline in oil prices require the Government to take a carefully considered and optimal decisions. The article analyzes the main parameters of the Federal budget, the measures of anti-crisis plan. The author explores some ideas for the sequestration of the budget, finding additional income. The author concludes the necessity of balancing the budget within the economic cycle.

Keywords: Federal budget, the fiscal costs, crisis.

Article name: «Development of economic infrastructure and problem of privatization».

Authors: Badalov L.M., Basyuk K.V.

Annotation: the article deals with the issues of generation and development of Russian economics efficient infrastructure. Concerning historical aspect, foreign experience and forming trends of global development (crisis phenomenon in economics, sanctions from western countries) we establish the necessity of investments intensification in Russian high priority infrastructural projects realization. Social attention in the article is paid to interrelation between the objective of economics infrastructure development and the problem of privatization and the process of denationalization of key facilities.

Keywords: infrastructure, infrastructural facilities, infrastructural projects, economics of innovations, investments in the infrastructure, infrastructural facilities privatization.

Article name: «On economic criteria and constants».

Authors: Svetlakov V.I., Semenikhin A.I.

E-mail: 2901692@mail.ru.

Annotation: the possibility of identifying the fundamental constants in the economic sphere. Possibilities of using natural science methods in economics. What features in this issue provides us with the theory and practice of real estate valuation, business valuation.

Keywords: economic parameters, cost, price, supply and demand, land, real estate, appraisal, economic factors.

Article name: «The transformation of the relations appropriation-alienability of the property of the contemporary Russia».

Authors: Melnikov D.V.

E-mail: sward_1962@mail.ru

Annotation: the article devotes the relations of the appropriation — alienability of the contemporary Russia. In Russian economy the relations of the appropriation of the property is defined by joint-stocking companies. The peculiarity of the alienability of the property is determined by the compromise between federal and regional power and the oligarchs but not a dialectical unity of an abstract labour and a work, which is more appropriate for classical capitalism.

Keywords: appropriation of the property, alienability of the property, a compromise between federal and regional power and oligarchs.

Article name: «The influence of effective methods of state investment and industrial policy on the development of the russian economy priority sectors».

Authors: Bulavko O.A.

E-mail: vikigor163@mail.ru.

Annotation: this article describes the mechanisms for improving the management of economic development of the domestic machine builder-foot complex by enhancing innovation and technology in potential. The directions of increase of economic efficiency of the enterprises of mechanical engineering in modern conditions based on the use of scientific and technological progress in the inter-sectoral and regional levels.

Keywords: innovation, technology, development, economics, engineering, system efficacy, mechanisms of progress.

Article name: «Economic views of N.D. Kondratiev in the 20-30s of the XX century».

Authors: Bozhenova S.I.

E-mail: stefaniya-tag@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article discusses the views of Kondratiev N.D. in the 20-30s of the XX century, what should be the planning process, we analyze the similarities and differences of ideas of the representatives of economic science on the way to building a planned organization of social production. The article discusses the basic ideas of Kondratiev N.D. as a representative of the genetic direction.

Keywords: planning, foresight, Economics, socialism, national economy, planned science, national economic plan.

Article name: «The question of the development of Russian mutual funds».

Authors: Кузьмина О.Ю., Коновалова М.Е.

E-mail: pisakina83@yandex.rumkonoval@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article analyzes the system of collective investments and trust management of assets and infrastructure as one of the foundations of the Russian financial market, which is designed to perform the basic functions of financial intermediation in the transformation of savings into investments by accumulating funds and invest them in financial instruments. The author gives a rather detailed analysis of the functioning of Russian unit investment funds at the present stage.

Keywords: collective investment, mutual funds, investment financing, profitability.

Article name: «Infrastructure support of entrepreneurship as the measure of state regulation of its institutional space».

Authors: Nedorezova E.S.

Annotation: this article examines the regulation of institutional space business. Stresses the need for government stimulation of business activity by means of wise economic reforms. The analysis of the index of ease of doing business showed that ahead of Russia in the ranking are still the most economically developed countries in the world. The author proposed a scheme of system of infrastructural support of entrepreneurship.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, index, ease of doing business, infrastructure support of entrepreneurship.

Article name: «Current basis of formation of resource base of commercial banks».

Authors: Tolstov S.N.

E-mail: sta9sov@gmail.com.

Annotation: the article discusses the features of the formation of the resource base of commercial banks, as well as contemporary issues of development in the Russian banking sector.

Keywords: resource base of commercial banks, funding, Basel III, liquidity.

Article name: «The problems of reforming local self-government».

Authors: Korosteleva M.N.

E-mail: kafedrafikr305@yandex.ru.

Annotation: the article considers stages of formation and reformation of local self-government in Russia, identified the problems of ensuring economic and financial independence of local government, identified the need for legislative definition and practical formation of the real economic basis of the functioning of local governments of different types, as a separate branch of government and focus on the development of the local community.

Keywords: local government, reform, mandate, financial and economic basis.

Article name: «Problems of improving budgetary device and budgetary process in the urban district Samara».

Authors: Slastenin V.V.

E-mail: SlasteninVV@dfsamara.ru.

Annotation: the author considers the current state and problems of formation and use of budget funds of the Administrative district of Samara in 2015, and forecast the formation and execution of the city budget in 2016-2018.

Keywords: municipal budget, budgetary process, revenues, expenditures, fiscal capacity.

Article name: «Small and average business of the Samara region».

Authors: Fomenko E.V.

E-mail: fomenkoekaterina@mail.ru.

Annotation: dynamics of development of small and average business of the Samara region reflecting internal and external factors of development of the region in recent years is presented in article. On the basis of the studied data the main reasons constraining rates of development of business are established.

Keywords: business, small business, small enterprises, subjects of small and average business.

Article name: «Potential of development of the market of hotel real estate of the region».

Authors: Zastupov A.V.

E-mail: oiler79@mail.ru.

Annotation: the market of hotel real estate, its segmentation in modern conditions, possibility of development of network hotel business are investigated. The recommended classification of hotel real estate and the practiced classiness of hotels are presented. Investment projects in the sphere of hotel real estate and tourism of the Samara region are considered. Prospects of development of hotel business, and also potential of opportunities of realization of hotel and tourist services are revealed in the course of research.

Keywords: market of hotel real estate, segmentation, classification of hotels, infrastructure, hotel business, tourist services.

Article name: «The role of cultural heritage objects in the formation of a positive image of the city».

Authors: Domnina  S.V., Ibragimova M.A.

E-mail: swdomnina@mail.rumilana5.92@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article shows the role of cultural heritage in the formation of a positive image of the city and increase of its investment attractiveness. It were revealed popular objects of historical and cultural heritage of the city of Samara, which can be used in creation of a «unique selling proposition» of the city. It was defined the influence of the touristic and cultural clusters on the business reputation of  the city.

Keywords: objects of cultural heritage, touristic cluster, cultural cluster, image of the city, investment attractiveness.

№4, 2015

Article name: «The problems of implementation of solidarity economy».

Authors: Koshkin V.I.

E-mail: president@vshpp.ru.

Annotation: the article concerns the necessity of transition to new model of socio-economic development in Russia. The author insists on creation of solidarity economy, which is essentially different from the economy of capitalism. The article discloses the essence and the vital problems of its implementation.

Keywords: solidarism, new economic formation of society, macroeconomic regulation, informative and technological revolution, democratization of property.

Article name: «Starting resources of ideology and political philosophy of solidarism at the beginning of the 21st century».

Authors: Okara A.N.

Annotation: the article deals with the theoretical aspects of solidarism, which is based on the principals of coordination of individual and common interests. The author thinks that solidarism should become concept base of the new doctrine about the social development. He considers that our country could successfully implement this modernized type of development on condition of the change of political system.

Keywords: solidarism, individual and social interests, social solidarity, political and philosophical ideology, socio-economic and political modernization.

Article name: «From capitalism through Solidarism to humanistic socio-economic structure».

Authors: Kretov S.I.

E-mail: kretsi1955@gmail.com.

Annotation: the author thoroughly sets out the political, social and economic aspects of solidarity, the positions of various foreign and domestic scholars in this field, the socio-economic results of the transition to a system of social relations of solidarity economy.

Keywords: solidarism, political economy, market relations, crisis, property, nature, people, vital consumption.

Article name: «Russian imperative: from bureaucratic-oligarchal capitalism to new aggregated society».

Authors: Tsagolov G.N.

E-mail: gtsagolov@mail.ru.

Annotation: dismantling of existing economic system means the project of new creation. There is no politico-economical clearness. Some people support capitalism with human face, others are for the return to the new socialism without previous drawbacks. But both variants are not particular. We should take into account the lately world experience.

Keywords: bureaucratic-oligarchal capitalism, aggregated society, political economy.

Article name: «To the question of the ontology of post-industrial economy».

Authors: Kuzmina O.Y.

E-mail: pisakina83@yandex.ru.

Annotation: The article reveals the specificity of a new phase of economic development, its distinctive features from other preceding stages. It is argued that the nature of economic relations in the post-industrial society different from that which existed in earlier periods, the value of future relations do not fit neither in the standard framework of classical political economy, nor limited to the ideas of the neoclassical school. In the post-industrial society all come into play phenomena beyond the standard market relations. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the definition of "post-industrial economy" and its correlation with such notions as the «new economy», «network economy», «information economy», «knowledge economy», the «creative economy», «innovative economy».

Keywords: post-industrial economy, intellectual capital, knowledge.

Article name: «Socialization of property as the method of transition to solidarity ecomony».

Authors: Roudyk E.N., Bukreev V.V.

E-mail: emileroudyk@list.ruviven@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article dwells on the refuse from privatization as the main method of competitive recovery of economic entities, satisfaction of society needs and risks of turning the possessions into state property. The author suggests measures for socialization of the processes of management of nationalized property both on enterprises and outside them on the basis of transition to solidarity economy.

Keywords: socialization, privatization, nationalization, state and social property, solidarism, social enterprise, democratization of economic power.

Article name: «Priority title role of ownership in shaping the fundamental bases of the economy of solidarity».

Authors: Marusina K.K. 

E-mail: offise@samin.ru.

Annotation: the Authors examine patterns of occurrence, the nature and mechanism of functioning of title of property, and justify its special role in shaping the economy of solidarity.

Keywords: solidarity, joint ownership, capital-property and capital-function, title ownership.

Article name: «The distribution of factor income in the economy of solidarity».

Authors: Mikhaylov A.M.

E-mail: 2427994@mail.ru.

Annotation: considers different approaches to distribution of factor incomes. The distribution of factor incomes on the basis of production total factor income combines the interests of owners of factors of production in the formation of an innovative economy. The concept of solidarism, connecting primary producers, including owners of knowledge, with all the factors of production, the most adequate post-industrial economy.

Keywords: factors of production, factor income distribution, economic interests, the economy of solidarity, total factor income, the owners of knowledge, post-industrial economy.

Article name: «The fundamentals of the tax system at solidarism».

Authors: Afanasenko A.K.

E-mail: taxfree.ua@gmail.com.

Annotation: the author analyzes the state of modern tax system in Russia, noting its imperfection, need opportunities to solve existing problems in this area. It proposes to create a new system of tax administration on the basis of bank accounts so that it becomes part of the market mechanism.

Keywords: taxes, tax system, income and expenses, fiscal policy, tax administration, bank accounts.

Article name: «Expansion of investment lending as the basis of the «Economy growth»

Authors: Surikov K.Y., Konovalova M.E.

E-mail: sourikov.k@mail.rumkonoval@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article substantiates the need to expand investment lending to stimulate economic growth. A mechanism that combines elements of market and planned economy, providing the possibility of lending to enterprises under separate investment processes. This article proves the need to expand the money supply, to stimulate investment demand. The possibility of introducing the Institute of private money issue and the implementation of fiduciary rating, determining the conditions for the qualitative development of the system of social reproduction.

Keywords: fiduciary rating, private issue, trust, institutions, social reproduction, lending.

Article name: «Organization of effective management of the modern state industrial corporation».

Authors: Tuliakov A.

E-mail: a.gutenev@uacrussia.ru.

Annotation: the article presents the problems, objectives and tasks of organizational and structural improvement of management systems of the Russian state industrial corporation on the example of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). Proposed to introduce progressive changes in management organization development and production of advanced, innovative objects, enabling more efficient and effective management of large industrial corporations.

Keywords: management system, state-owned corporation, life cycle, the upgrade process optimization, market sales, quality, efficiency.

№3, 2015

Article name: «The reform of property relations — condition for the formation of a solidarity economy».

Authors: Koshkin V.I.; Yermolaev K.N.

E-mail: president@vshpp.ruoffise@samin.ru.

Annotation: the authors substantiate the inevitable emergence of solidarity-public, joint-stock and joint-family property as the defining basis of the Genesis of a democratic market economy, and also examine the special role of the title property in this fundamental process.

Keywords: joint ownership, economic democracy, solidarity, title ownership, transformation of the Foundation of the economic system.

Article name: «Global crisis and humanistic socio-econmic formation genesis».

Authors: Kretov S.I.; Vasilenko V.I.; Fedorov M.V.

E-mail: kretsi1955@gmail.comvas-gagro@mail.rufedorovrudn@mail.ru.

Annotation: nobody has any doubts about current world crisis. Therefore it is clear that research on the ways out of it is of the highest priority, as well as on the further post-crisis development of human civilization. Modern practice clearly evidences that neither a single existing institution, nor any former instrument allow to overcome the crisis, not speaking to become the foundation for future economy. Russia possessing not only reach natural resources, but second to none intellectual potential has to refuse copying western and its own past models. The task of our native scientists should be creation of our own national concept of  «overtaking» western model development. The said problem is the key topic of this article.

Keywords: market economy, humanistic socio-economic formation, vital consumption  economy, associated citizens' property.

Article name: «Current status and problems of application of the program-target method in planning and management of the Russian economy».

Authors: Raizberg B.A.; Tulyakov A.V.

E-mail: BAR@isr.rutulyakov.office@uacrussia.ru.

Annotation: the paper critically evaluates the situation in the program-oriented planning and management at the macro level because of the limited possibilities of the budget funding and the complexity of the combination of the newly introduced state programs of the Russian Federation before and the prevailing federal target programs. It is recommended to develop the scientific and methodological basis of program-oriented planning and limit the number of budget-funded state programs and investment projects.

Keywords: the state program, a federally-targeted programs, program-oriented planning, targeted program management, budgeting, finance, program-target method, regional program, municipal programs, control system design and implementation of programs.

Article name: «Problems of formation and implementation of fiscal policy in the Russian Federation».

Authors: Kovaleva T.M.

E-mail: fikr@bk.ru.

Annotation: fiscal policy provides financial, social and macroeconomic stability in the country. The aim of fiscal policy is to make the budget system of the country the financial Foundation of the state, so the solution of problems in the process of formation and implementation of fiscal policy is crucial. The article concludes that the development of the theoretical foundations of budgetary policy, coordination of fiscal policy among countries, from-transparency will ensure its objectivity and effectiveness.

Keywords: budget, budget process, budget policy, object, subject, function, budget policy, budget strategy, budget allocation, transparency, accountability.

Article name: «REPO transactions Central Bank of the Russian Federation and their role in regulating the money supply».

Authors: Tershukova M.B.

E-mail: tershukova.marina@yandex.ru.

Annotation: Describes the content and purpose of REPO transactions of the Central Bank as an instrument of monetary policy. The analysis of the domestic practice of its use at different stages of development of the banking system of the country. Identifies common features of REPO transactions of the Central Bank and Bank refinancing. Reflects the prospects of development of REPO transactions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: REPO transactions Central Bank of the Russian Federation, banks ' excess liquidity, the shortage of Bank liquidity, refinancing loans Central banks REPO transactions in foreign currency, interbank credit, the Lombard list of securities the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Article name: «Development perspectives of responsible microfinance in Russia».

Authors: Mamuta M.V., Sorokina O.S.

E-mail: mmamuta@mail.ruolga.s.sorokina@gmail.com.

Annotation: an article provides a basic understanding of one of the global trends in financial inclusion, such as the development of social responsible practices and the use of client-oriented approach in microfinance institutions for provision of better financial services to consumers. The article also discusses the perspectives of these developments in Russia.

Keywords: microfinance, financial inclusion, social performance management in microfinance, protection of consumers of financial services.

Article name: «Creative labor as the main factor production under conditions of implementation of democratic market economy model».

Authors: Koshkina M.V.

E-mail: kisa1405@cemu.ru.

Annotation: the article discusses the role and importance of creative activity in modern conditions of the Russian economy. Discloses the economic content of the product of creative labor as property. It stressed that what is happening now intellectualization of the economy is an objective process of expanding the boundaries of the use of the creative energy of people who should be recognized as the main source of economic and social change in society.

Keywords: democratic model of a market economy (DEMRE), creative labor, innovative development, knowledge-based economy, creative products.

Article name: «Determination of efficiency of activity of the enterprise as a necessary stage in the assessment of its value».

Authors: Pimenova E.M.

E-mail: pimenova-elena@rambler.ru.

Annotation: in the article the necessity of analysis of efficiency of activity of the enterprise in the process of assessing its value, is considered a comprehensive system of performance indicators.

Keywords: business valuation, production efficiency, profitability, business activity, turnover.

Article name: «Assessment and identify areas for improvement of the level of solvency of the construction organizations of Samara region».

Authors: Shekhova N.V., Barbarskaya M.N., Molchanova K.S.

E-mail: nataly65vf@gmail.commnb_82@inbox.rukseniamolchanova@bk.ru.

Annotation: the article discusses the assessment of the level of solvency of the construction organizations of Samara region. Presents the dynamics of receivables and payables by type of economic activity, defined share of these types of debts construction companies in their total volume. On the basis of obtained results of ratio analysis liquidity and solvency of defined tactical actions aimed at improving the solvency of the construction organizations of the region.

Keywords: construction company, payables, receivables, liquidity, solvency.

Article name: «Assessment level of the development of the human potential of the region».

Authors: Fomenko E.V.

E-mail: fomenkoekaterina@mail.ru.

Annotation: the characteristic of the most significant directions of the development of the human potential: reduction to poverty, provision of ecological stability, improvement of health for adults and children, reduction inequality and social diseases are shown.

Keywords: human potential, human development, index of human development, development resources.

Article name: «A craftsmanship’s  sector of the regional economy in the conditions of uncertainty»/

Authors: Chertykovzeva T.A.

E-mail: vostok50@mail.ru.

Annotation: this article is devoted to problems of ensuring stability of а regional economy in the conditions of crisis and uncertainty due to the efficiency of the regional handicraft industry.

Keywords: craftsmanship’s sector of economy, innovative orientation, self employment, economical safety.

Article name: «Improvement of mechanisms of development of hardly removable oil stocks by small oil structures».

Authors: Zastupov A.V.

E-mail: oiler79@mail.ru.

Annotation: today completeness and quality of development of the reconnoitered oil stocks which considerable part is concentrated in small and average fields becomes one of the most important directions of development of oil and gas sector of economy of Russia. Obviously, high specific expenses taking into account the operating tax regime in the sphere of subsurface use do unprofitable operation of small fields with hardly removable stocks for the large oil-extracting companies. Possibilities of the preferential taxation of activity of the small oil-extracting enterprises and increase of profitability of development of hardly removable oil stocks on small fields are investigated. Key aspects of tax incentives of activities of the small companies for production difficult nefty on small and average fields are covered.

Keywords: oil stocks, small fields, small oil structures, oil production, tax incentives, profitability of development, preferential taxation.

Article name: «Russian mortgage market today, expectations for the future».

Authors: Kashirina M.V.

E-mail: mvkvv@yandex.ru.

Annotation: the article analyzes the mortgage market in Russia for the period 2010-2014. In the course of writing the author used a systematic approach to research, analytical reviews; periodic publication on this issue and Internet resources. The analysis of mortgage loans with the seasons. Besides we are talking about the development of the Russian mortgage market, and what we can expect in the future. The author believes that if the government will take further steps to establish new programs to support mortgage lending for population, it will stimulate banks to be more active in this area.

Keywords: mortgage lending, monitoring indicators of mortgage loans average weighted interest rate on loans, denominated mortgage loans special mortgage terms.

№2, 2015

Article name: «From capitalism to solidarism (A political economy perspective)».

Authors: Koshkin V.I.

E-mail: president@vshpp.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to the current state of the capitalist system. The author proposes a transition to a new social system - solidarizm. Solidarism is able to establish a society organically combines both political and economic democracy.

Keywords: capitalism, solidarism, public welfare, solidarity-public property.

Article name: «State regulation in the formation of a balanced model of social reproduction».

Authors: Konovalova M.E.

E-mail: mkonoval@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article discusses the state regulation in the formation of a balanced competitive model of reproduction. The necessity of forming and realization of generalized economic interests of subjects of macroeconomics as a necessary condition for the emergence of innovative models of the reproduction process.

Keywords: social reproduction, generalized economic interests, balance, institutional conditions, the state, society, liberalism.

Article name: «Influence of state social and economic policy on the satisfaction of people`s need for happiness».

Authors: Timofeyeva G.V.

E-mail: timoff62@mail.ru.

Annotation: despite considerable achievements of social and economic policy in many countries, its influence on the satisfaction of people`s need for happiness is still debatable. For this purpose I consider the conditions for transformation of the need for happiness into a personal value by analyzing interrelations among the Human Development Index (HDI), the Planetary Index of Happiness (HPI), gross domestic product per capita, share of public social expenditures and governmental effectiveness. The results allow classifying different countries by social policy efficiency and HPI criteria. The results suggest that a certain optimum of welfare and public social expenditure exist, which should be incorporated into elaborating effective social and economic policy.

Keywords: state social and economic policy, happiness, need for happiness, efficiency of social and economic policy.

Article name: «Legal economy as condition protection of property».

Authors: Surikov K.Yu.; Beloborodov D.V.

E-mail: sourikov.k@mail.rubeloborodovdv@rambler.ru.

Annotation: in article the modern philosophical and legal concepts of money created within school of institutional economy are studied. As opposed to ideas of G. Knapp according to which the right is essence of money, the author believes that actually financial innovations in economy precede legal regulation. Therefore the trust becomes essence of money, and the right only formalizes it as the secondary modeling system.

Keywords: philosophy of economy, legal philosophy, money, financial system, institutional economy, economic right, legal economy.

Article name: «The economic nature of the factors of production and income of their owners».

Authors: Mikhaylov A.M.

E-mail: 2427994@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article discusses the economic nature of the factors of production and factor income, economic and institutional the interests of the owners of factors of production.

Keywords: factors of production, factor income, purchased labor, property, economic interests, institutional interests, monopoly entities.

Article name: «Institutional dysfunction of the titular capital».

Authors: Marusina К.К.

E-mail: offise@samin.ru.

Annotation: in imperfection or incompleteness of the system of institutions of the stock market cover capital along with the positive impact may exercise a destructive influence on the processes taking place in the stock market. To prevent the need to harmonize institutions with the specific nature of the titular capital.

Keywords: cover the capital, the institutional component of institutional dysfunction, destructive impact, insider information, manipulation.

Article name: «The role of taxation in the study of the economic nature of taxes».

Authors: Dozhdeva E.E.

E-mail: dozhdeva69@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article clarified the wording of the principle of tax fairness in the vertical and horizontal aspects. Defined and systematized methods of taxation to ensure effective compliance with the principle of uniformity of taxation.

Keywords: tax, economic nature of taxes, taxation principles, methods of taxation.

Article name: «Features of investment banking in Russia».

Authors: Pouch Ya.; Kashirina M.C.

E-mail: yanina.pauh@yandex.rumvkvv@yandex.ru.

Annotation: the article describes the investment activities of banks, its main directions. Considered an investment Bank as a financial institution. Analyzed the activities of banks on the securities market, is the rating of investment attractiveness of banks.

Keywords: investment banking, financial market, corporate Finance, project Finance, investment banking.

Article name: «Accounting and control of accounts receivable and provision for doubtful debts».

Authors: Morozova E.C.

E-mail: ospikr@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article considers the notion of receivables and provision for doubtful debts. There are marked similarities and differences allowance for doubtful debts in accordance with the requirements of international practice and the Russian legislation. Also highlighted in the basis of preparation of the allowance for doubtful valleys according to the tax code of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: accounts receivable, allowance for doubtful debts, doubtful debts, the Statute of limitations, inventory receivables.

Article name: «Consolidation os assets within formation of the petrochemical cluster of the region».

Authors: Zastupov A.V.

E-mail: oiler79@mail.ru.

Annotation: in petrochemical branch of the Samara region the new positive tendency of development when the enterprises began to be consolidated in the sphere of oil processing and chemistry in a uniform petrochemical cluster was formed. The program of development of petrochemistry got support at the regional and federal levels and will promote revival and development of the Samara petrochemical cluster. Offers on rational use of investment means in oil processing within development of a petrochemical cluster in the region and to justification of administrative decisions are considered. Key aspects of investment stimulation of activity in the sphere of oil processing and petrochemistry are covered.

Keywords: petrochemical cluster, development strategy, modernization, oil processing capacities, ecological program, investments.

Article name: «Accounting and analytical support for the economic security of transport enterprises».

Authors: Svetkina I.A.

E-mail: svetkinairina@yandex.ru.

Annotation: this article highlights the key stages of accounting and analysis of economic security transport company. Analyzes the major sources of threats and risks to economic security and possible forms of their manifestation. Offers basic directions of development of accounting and analysis of economic security.

Keywords: transport enterprise, risk, threats, the facts of economic life, income, expenditure, economic security.

№1, 2015

Article name: «The concept of democratic socialism and the image of post-soviet Russia».

Authors: Ninceeva G.V.        

Annotation: the article presents the views of representatives of the social democratic currents of economic thought of the Russian Diaspora A. Yugov and Art. Ivanovich on the Soviet economic planning system, its inevitable collapse and possible contours of a new post-Soviet regime. This article surveyed the causes of failed attempts of reformers on the principles of «shock therapy» to build in Russia a modern market economy.

Keywords: the Bolshevik socialism, state farm, planning-centralized system, administrative-bureaucratic collectivism, market relations.

Article name: «The problems of sustainable development of the region».

Authors: Tsiganov V.V.

Annotation:the notion of sustainable development of socio-economic systems in relation to the region updated. Classification of forms of sustainable development of the region offered. Identified key factors for improving environmental sustainability. Considered the questions of the quantitative assessment of the degree of sustainability of the region.

Keywords: region, sustainable development, forms of sustainability, competitiveness of the region.

Article name: «Mediation as a tool to enhance the effectiveness of the institution of bankruptcy».

Authors: Rondar N.V.

Annotation: this article gives an overview of the mediation, it is unlike the traditional methods of conflict resolution, the necessity of the use of the constructive potential of mediation in resolving disputes. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the role of mediation in the process of bankruptcy of enterprises and organizations, reveals the possible areas of application of mediation to improve the efficiency of bankruptcy institution in Russia.

Keywords: mediation, bankruptcy, mediation competence, Trustees, pre-trial mediation.

Article name: «The department of Information Systems and Technologies Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunication and Information».

Authors: Olkhovaya O.N.

Annotation: this article deals with the design procedure of bankruptcy risk of an info-communicational company, using the assessment risk bankruptcy algorithm, advanced technique that includes collecting and processing of expert information. The membership function with nonlinear edges is also applied in this research.

Keywords: bankruptcy risk, info-communicational company, membership function, linguistic variable.

Article name: «The organizational mechanism of management of welfare of the region's population».

Authors: Domnina S.V.

Annotation: there is the author's treatment of the category of  "welfare" in the article. The content of the article is displayed. The organizational mechanism of management of welfare of the population of the Samara region is developed. The responsibility matrix is presented on stages of management of welfare of the population of the region.

Keywords: welfare, management of welfare, organizational mechanism of management of welfare, responsibility matrix.

Article name: «Development of the state regulation mechanism for regional labor market (in the context of Samara region)».

Authors: Merkulova Y.P.

Annotation: This paper presents the characteristics and examined  current trends and methods of state regulation for regional labor market and employment in the context of Samara region.

Keywords: labor market, employment, unemployment, public administration, management of labor and employment, job bank, job fair.

Article name: «Strategic insight of system and municipal property management results».

Authors: Evdokimov N.N.

Annotation: the article presents the approach to a structure and sequence of strategic insight of a system and municipal property management results. The general principles of the approach are illustrated by two municipalities in Samara region, where working out of social and economic development strategy was carried out.

Keywords: municipal property, municipal strategy of social and economic development, management system of municipal property.

Article name: «Formation and development of tourist-recreational clusters».

Authors: Pyatkina I.A.

Annotation: the article describes the questions defining purpose, objectives, signs, factors, reasons of association of organizations and enterprises in order to create a tourist-recreational clusters. The technology of creating and managing tourist-recreational clusters.

Keywords: tourism industry, tourist-recreational clusters, tourism resources, tourism and recreation potential, public-private partnership.

Article name: «The theoretical basis for organization and management of industrial enterprises on the systematic approach basis».

Authors: Matveeva E.A.

Annotation: the article analyzes the theoretical basis for organization and management of production enterprises using a systems approach. The necessity to apply the modern approach to organization and management of production systems based on the concept of a balanced scorecard and performance management of industrial enterprises using decomposition methods, and systems analysis.

Keywords: organization, management, system approach, the production system.

Article name: «Ecological and economic evaluation of the effectiveness of Pumped Storage Power Plants and Wind-Power Plants».

Authors: Balzannikov M.I., Evdokimov S.V., Shekhova N.V.

Annotation: the article deals with the problem of increasing the economic efficiency of the electric power industry through adequate evaluation of its impact on the environment. The authors describe the possible manifestations of the environmental effects of operation PSPP-WPP, can significantly affect the decision on the environmental acceptability of the respective energy facilities.

Keywords: economic, efficiency of electric power, environmental acceptability of energy facilities.

Article name: «Evolution of approaches to economic analysis in the framework of the valuation of the enterprise (business)».

Authors: Pimenova E.M.

Annotation: the article offers the author's point of view on the process of economic analysis to the valuation of the enterprise.

Keywords: economic analysis, assessment of an enterprise value, analysis of the financial state of an enterprise.

№4, 2014

Article name: «Methodological foundation of market reforms in Russia».

Authors: Koshkin V.I.

Annotation: The paper proposesa new model o fmarket economy in Russia.

Keywords: market democracy, the associated property of the citizens, the factors of production, gross income.

Article name: «Limits to Growth of modern market economy».

Authors: Mysliaeva I.

Annotation: articleis devoted to reflection on the current crisis of the market economy and the ways of reform.

Keywords: market economy reform, the formal approach, ownership, globalization, offshore, transnational corporations.

Article name: «Unsteady reforme deconomies in transition and their entropy».

Authors: Livchits V., Livchits S.

Annotation: characterized by stationary and non-stationary economic conditions and processes in the transition economies of countries of the former non-Baltic Soviet republics.

Keywords: transition economy, radical reform, stationary and non-station arystate, the entropy.

Article name: «Prices as a tool for economic macroeconomic regulation».

Authors: Riseberg B.

Annotation: the article describes the methodological approaches to pricing for the products developed and produced by state order.

Keywords: macroeconomics, microeconomics, price, pricing, value, planning, regulation, management, cost and target approaches, programs, projects and contracts.

Article name: «Tax Administration: step into the future».

Authors: Afanasenko A.

Annotation: Articleis devoted to the development of a new model of tax administration.

Keywords: tax administration, bank account.

Article name: «The main problems of development of the market capital title».

Authors: Ermolaev K.N.

Annotation: the article discusses the evolution of the title the varieties of institutional capital as structured in the form of title of capital property. Title capital occupies a Central place in the system of institutions of the capital market, providing the movement of ownership of the investor, beam formation powers, minimizing financial risks, the reduction of the uncertainty of the development and the unpredictability of the behavior of the subjects overcoming information asymmetries.

Keywords: the title capital, transaction costs, transaction, bounded rationality, property rights.

Article name: «Ownership of intellectual capital and its forms of economic realization».

Authors: Kuzmina O.Y.

Annotation: article is devoted to the economic nature of ownership of the intellectual capital. The author argues that the economic substance of ownership of intellectual capital is manifested not only in the presence of monopoly power over the object of the subject property, but in the fact that this monopoly power is economically realized.

Keywords: ownership of intellectual capital, intellectual rent, real and fictitious values, absolute and differential rent.

Article name: «On the legal and economic aspects of the institution of state ownership innatural resources».

Authors: Yankov K.

Annotation: articleis devoted to the specifics ofthe application of the concept ofownership ofnatural resources.The author proposesa new type ofbindingproperty-public property.

Keywords: natural objects, property, accounting, public property.

Article name: «Spatial differentiation and market potential of the regions of Russia».

Authors: Mirolubova T., Biryukov A.

Annotation: we study thespatial differentiation between regions of Russiain the context ofthe market potential of the regions. First, in determining the market potential of the region, we use foreign approach, and limits the marketpotential of the region, measured by the retail market. Further conducted to test the hypothesisofa high levelof spatialunevenness of economic development of Russia. Market potential forretail markets leads to the determination of the regions with the greatest market potential.

Secondly, we conducted aclassification of regions of Russiain terms of their market potential anddisplay the resultson the Map of Russia. We have shownthe structure of the Russian regions, taking into accountthe spatial differentiationof market potential. Russiais characterized by considerable spatial differentiation of market potential. Also, the classification of regions of Russia on the dynamics of change in market potential.

The study results, firstly, investorsmake informed decisions on the location of production oriented to consumer demand. Second , from the standpoint of public authorities regions become more clear goals and measure their performance, you want to putin the development of strategies for socio-economic development of regions, thereby carry out effectivesocio-economic policies, both at the federal level and at the regional level-subjects of the Federation.

Keywords: spatial differentiation, market potential.

Article name: «Myths and misconceptions about modern market economy».

Authors: Kretov S.

Annotation: this article analyzes thecurrent state ofthe market economy in Russia and the world. According to the authorat the momentthe market economy is in such adeep crisis that doubtis this conceptin relation to the existingeconomic systems.

Keywords: market economy, crisis, demurrage, return on investment, technological way, computerization.

№3, 2014

Article name: «Professional training system for the tourism industry in Samara region».

Authors: Pyatkina Irina A. Samara Institute — Higher School of Privatization and Business, Samara, senior lecturer of chair Economics and Management, PhD in Economics.

E-mail: iris160177@rambler.ru

Annotation: article is devoted to staff training system. The training system is provided by educational institutions located in the territory of Samara region for tourism market of the modern megacity. Problems of development of the education system in the field of tourism industry in Russia in general, and in Samara region in particular, were identified based on analysis of higher educational institutions and secondary vocational education.

Keywords: professional education, higher and secondary vocational educational institutions, tourism industry, educational standards, problems.

Article name: «International practice public-private partnerships to increase the competitiveness regional economy».   

Authors: Chertykovzev Michael, post graduate HSPB.

E-mail: sodrugestvo.oorpo.samara@yandex.ru.

Annotation: the problems of public-private partnership in the implementation of an integrated branding area on the example of foreign and domestic experience.

Keywords: public-private partnerships, regional branding, branding, identification tools, intellectual capital, collective trademark.

Article name: «Management personnel — decisive link successful development organization».    

Authors: Madyarova V.K.

E-mail: madyarova.vk@gmail.com

Annotation: the article examines the modern requirements for the organization of enterprise management, as well as factors to ensure an effective management decisions. The questions of organizational and information support of decision-making.

Keywords: process management, management personnel, the effectiveness of management decisions, the information management software.

Article name: «The theoretical bases of innovative management with problematic object».

Authors: Chirkunova E.K.; Judakova Ju.S.

E-mail: ekchirkunova@gmail.comjuliajudakova@mail.ru.

Annotation: in the work the strategiesfor management with problematic real estate objects (sale of unfinished real estate objects,conservation, temporary use, redevelopment) are considered.The basic indicatorsappraisal of management effectiveness with problematicobject, these include: net present value, discounted payback period, profitability index, internal rate of return. Efficiency of application of redevelopment strategyfor managingwith problematic object is shown on the example of the industrial building.

Keywords: problematic real estate object, industrial real estate, strategies for management with problematic real estate objects, redevelopment, indicators of project effectiveness, project.

Article name: «Modern lines and mechanisms of satisfaction of requirements of the population in the habitation market in Samara».

Authors: Chirkunova Ekaterina Konstantinovna, Ustinov Denis Sergeevich,

E-mail: ekchirkunova@gmail.comudens89@gmail.com.

Annotation: in present article new tendencies, characteristic for the market of habitation of Samara are considered. Article has analytical character and the analysis of the statistical data characterising a condition and dynamics of the market of the inhabited real estate of Samara is put in its basis.

Keywords: the habitation market, complex development of territory, the profitable houses, accessible habitation, quality of a life.

Article name: «The general scheme of express-analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise in order to assess business».     

Authors: Pimenova E.M., Ph.D in Economics, assorciated professor of Samara Institute — Higher School of Privatization and Business.

E-mail: pimenova-elena@rambler.ru

Annotation: the article describes the steps and the various application areas of express-analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise in order to assess business.

Keywords: estimation of cost of business, the express-analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise.

Article name: «Intensity updates manufactured products».

Authors: Godin A.M.

E-mail: a.m.godin@mail.ru.

Annotation: the development of modern economy urges to pay a significant attention to the problems of replacement of traditional production by the modern one, which satisfies the demands of scientific progress and customers. The article covers the general laws of replacement of old production, not satisfying the modern demand, by the ones satisfying it.

Keywords: modernization, new product, market, organization, sales, technical revolution, innovations, production renewal speed.

Article name: «Mandatory disclosure on the finite holders of depositary receipts, released on shares of Russian companies».

Authors: Kashkin A.V.

E-mail: kashkin@yandex.ru.

Annotation: adopted in late 2011 by the Law N 414-FZ and N 415-FZ introduced the requirement of a quarterly disclosure of the holders of depositary receipts and sanctions for failure to disclose such information. Having existed on paper a little more than a year, the requirements and sanctions were partially lifted the day before entry into force. Aspects of the newly introduced rules and their practical implementation are discussed in this article.

Keywords: the securities market, the Central Depository, issuers, shareholders, depositary receipts.

Article name: «Demographic resources of  human potential development in Privolzhskiy Federal County».

Authors: Fomenko Ekaterina Vladimirovna.

E-mail: fomenkoekaterina@mail.ru.

Annotation: the regularity of human potential development in Privolzhskiy Federal County has been researched. Main trends will reveal in development of the human potential region Privolzhskiy Federal County. The de tail classification of Privolzhskiy Federal County is shown by fundamental index of human potential. According to given feature are presented main types region, being included in Privolzhskiy Federal County.

Keywords: human potential, human development.

Article name: «Information needs and interests in the system of concepts of economics».

Authors: Head of Marketing Department Group of Companies «INVENT».

E-mail: dmitry.petryashov@gmail.com.  

Annotation: the article is devoted to the place of the information needs and interests in the concepts of economics. The author analyzes the different points of view on the content of the concepts of «information needs» and «informational interest» in the works of Russian and foreign scientists, highlighted factors affecting the maintenance requirements and associated information of interest, as well as the proposed classification of the information of interest.

Keywords: information needs, information needs, economic needs, economic interests, institutional needs, institutional interests.

Article name: «Title capital as a kind of institutional capital: the leading role in circulation of specification and protection of property rights of the investor in the stock market».

Authors: Ermolaev Konstantin Nikolaevich, Ph.D. Professor C-WSP.

E-mail: offise@samin.ru

Annotation: the article considers the title kind of institutional capital as structured in the form of the title of the capital property. Title capital occupies a Central place in the system of institutions of the capital market, providing a movement of property rights of the investor, beam formation powers, minimization of financial risks, reduction of uncertainty development and unpredictability of behavior of subjects, overcoming information asymmetry.

Keywords: the title capital, transaction costs, transaction, bounded rationality, property rights.

Article name:

Authors: Mahovikov A. Yu.

E-mail: ogf@appk.permkrai.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to the problems of interaction between municipalities and regional authorities in the Perm region.

Keywords: regions, municipalities, sparsely populated settlements, company towns, the local budget, personnel policy.

Article name: «Privatization in Crimea: do not repeat mistakes of the past».

Authors: Koshkin V.I., the SSPE rector, Doctor of Economics, the professor.

E-mail: president@vshpp.ru.

Annotation: the article deals with the problems related to the privatization of state property Crimea.

Keywords: privatization, property, elite, power, ownership of associated citizens.

Article name: Assessment of the potential development of commercial banks SAMARA REGION

Authors: Lomakin Andrey — the post-graduate student of Samara Institute of Higher School of Privatization and Business.

Email: andrey_lomakin@mail.ru.

Annotation: article dedicated to prospects of development of banking services in the Samara region.

Keywords: the banking system, banking, loans, deposits.

Article name: «Market: the nature and history from inception to demise».

Authors: Kretov S.I.

E-mail: kretsi1955@gmail.com.

Annotation: the paper put forward the concept of the original understanding of the nature and development of the market.

Keywords: the market economy, capitalism, socialism, competition, crisis, complexity theory.

№2, 2014

Article name: «Transaction cocts of intellectual property realization».     


Annotation: the paper suggests the definition of intellectual property which is based on the neo-institutional theory and adapts neo-institutional typology of transaction costs to the sphere of intellectual property. The investigation of transaction costs realization specific features was carried out, and results of analysis of international activity of some Tatarstan enterprises in the field of efficiency of investments into intangible assets for non-residents are presented. To make a conclusion some recommendations on lessening transaction costs are formulated for international activity.

Keywords: intellectual property, transaction costs, intangible assets, neo-institutional theory, intellectual activity results.

Article name: «Property management in nature-resource sphere for provision of the Russia transition to sustainable development».

Authors: Koshkin L.I. Head of Sub-Faculty, HSPB, Dr (Economics) Sc, Professor; Soloviev M.M. Professor, NRU HSE, Dr (Technology) Sc.

E-mail: msoloviev@hse.ru, soloviev@vshpp.ru.

Annotation: the follow questions are considered: the nature resources kinds’ rational using, property rights reforms and purpose programs creation in the nature-resources sphere for provision of individual and society interests balance during provision to the Russia sustainable development.      

Keywords: nature resources, sustainable development, state and private property, management, efficiency.

Article name:        


E-mail: nbek@hse.ru.

Annotation: this article from the perspective of the concepts of relationship management with an open innovation model, the features of the implementation of innovative projects undertaken by the Russian company — the system integrator for the implementation, maintenance and updating of information management systems in companies. Showing issues specific to different types of customers and implemented systems and issues requiring new approaches to solve them at the level of companies — developers, system integrators, customers and the state.

Keywords: management innovation, information technology, competition, intellectual capital.

Article name: «Environmental management: rational necessity in the terms of global ecological crisis».


E-mail: iv-kos@mail.rumarinasaldaeva@mail.ru.

Annotation: in the given article preconditions and  reasons of emergence of ecological management, its social and corporate importance are considered. Experience of foreign countries  in ecobusiness doing is analyzed. Positive consequences of introduction of Environmental management system and obstacles for a wide distribution of ecological management among the Russian enterprises are given.

Keywords: ecological management, ecobusiness, environmental policy, environmental standards, Environmental management system.

Article name: «Benchmarking in educational services».

Authors: Godin A.M., Koshkina M.V.

E-mail: kisa1405@cemu.ru.

Annotation: the article deals with different sophisticated problems connected with negative changes that are taking part in the system of education. It determines directions aimed at the liquidation (partial mitigation) of these problems. Benchmarking is one of them. It makes it possible to find exact solutions to increase the functioning effectiveness for the educational organizations.

Keywords: benchmarking, concept, the Bologna system, quality of education, management technologies.

Article name: «New approaches to definition tax base on personal income».

Authors: Dozhdeva E.E.

E-mail: dozhdeva69@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article offers new approaches to the determination of taxable income for the tax on personal income, to clarify the definition of the economic content of the concept of income for tax purposes the different individuals' income, justifying the introduction of the tax law of the author's classification of income of an individual, to better ensure the taxation.

Keywords: taxable income, the tax on personal income, wages, additional compensation, income from the rising cost of capital, interest income, pension contributions to pension funds.

Article name:


Email: viven@mail.ruemileroudyk@list.ru.

Annotation: topicality article due to the fact that the economic competitiveness of the modern type is critically dependent on the effective use of its main resource - human. Especially when it comes to the staff of high-tech and high-tech enterprise of any industry on stage proclaimed «new industrialization» and the modernization of Russia.

Russian economy in its current form can not be considered a modern, meet the challenges of the time. It's not even that the resources sector has a dominant position in the national economy of Russia. It provides about 50% of exports and 80% of foreign exchange earnings of the country [1.2]. In the foreseeable future raw materials complex in the absence of actually the state industrial policy will retain its importance as the main source of financial maintenance of relative political, economic and social stability of the country and the living standards of the population, although at a low level for the vast majority of it. Home — Other: urgent need for a fundamental change in the socio-economic development of the vector in the direction that will ensure the competitiveness of Russia, its economy (as the non-oil and raw materials) and the well-being of citizens.

The article focuses on the relevance and importance of the creation of a new type of worker — skilled, creative, able to create new, having a high work ethic, that is a creative worker, without which the rotation of the vector of the Russian economy in the direction of innovation and democratic development is impossible.

Keywords: democratization of economic power, creative frames, industrial democracy, work ethic, economics participation.

Article name: «Improving the efficiency of public procurement in modern conditions».    

Authors: Dorogov N.I.

E-mail: dorogovni@mfei.ru.

Annotation: the article is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of public procurement in modern conditions

Keywords: management of public and municipal procurement, procurement effectiveness, assessment of the quality of goods, works and services, the budget process, the efficiency of budget spending.

Article name: «Inter-budget grants as the instrument of the settlements encouraging». 

Authors: Levina V.V.

E-mail: vvl2004@mail.ru.

Annotation: in the article are given the main problems of the organization of the financial encouragement s of the settlements, including the absence of thorough legal and regulatory framework, the dominance of the leveling function of the inter-budget grants, methods of forming the distribution of inter-budget grants, allowing it to form stable communities interested in the increasing the tax revenues. The author suggested the mechanism of the financial encouragement the settlement to increase the budget revenue, focused on the improving the efficiency of the municipal budget policy.

Keywords: encouragement, municipal budget, grants, local self-governments, settlements.

Article name: «Craft activities as a factor in increasing the competitiveness of small enterprises and  regionalization of the economy in the Samara region of globalization processes».

Authors: А.А. Pokrovskiy, Manager of Center of international cooperation of SI HSPB, post-graduate student.

Email: pocrovsky@mail.ru

Annotation: the development of craft activities considered as a factor that enhances the competitiveness of the Samara region, particularly small businesses.

Keywords: handicraft activities, the competitiveness of region, the regionalization of the economy, Samara region.

Article name: «Justification financial and economic benchmarka with the method for analyzing enterprize hierarchies by T. Saati».

Authors: Illarionov, VA, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Kazan Federal University; Runova Elena Valerevna, Economics and Finance Institute of the Kazan (Volga region) University.

Email: illar2020@mail.ruElena_runova@mail.ru.

Annotation: in article attempt to justify the financial and economic benchmarks as the main tool for managing, assessing its consistency with the goals and plans for strategic development of the company, the best world experience. Justification of the financial and economic benchmarks offers a balanced management of the business with the latest technology and management trends.

Keywords: justification financial and economic benchmarks, the method for analyzing enterprise hierarchies by T.Saati, the goal and plans for strategic development of the company.

№1, 2014

Article name: «The analysis of the financial status of the company within a comparative approach of business valuation».

Authors: Pimenova Elena Mikhailovna  Ph.D in Economics, assorciated professor of Samara Institute — Higher School of Privatization and Business.

E-mail: pimenova-elena@rambler.ru.

Annotation: the article reveals the role and the main directions of enterprises financial status in assessing business value using a comparative approach and capital market method.

Keywords: valuation of a company (business), the comparative approach, the capital market, the analysis of the financial condition of the company.

Article name: «The place of human capital and knowledge economy in the theories of economic growth».

Authors: Rogova A.B., head of the financial Department of the Branch of LLC «RN-INFORM, Novokuibyshevsk.

E-mail: samin-conf@list.ru.

Annotation: brief summary of the contents of the article. Development of the leading countries of the world has led to the formation of a postindustrial, and then and the new economy of knowledge, innovations, Economics of intellectual labour, science and high technologies. The basis of the new economy is accumulated human capital, which is the main dominant of the socio-economic development of modern society. Today, the main driver of economic growth, along with investments in physical capital, are investments in human capital. In this regard, great interest is the modern economic and mathematical models which take into account the impact of human capital on economic development of the state.

Keywords: human capital, knowledge economy, economic growth, economic-mathematical models, assessment of the impact of human capital on economic growth, advantages and disadvantages of economic and mathematical modeling.

Article name: «Intellectual capital and the market value of enterprise».

Authors: Tuguskina Galina Nikolaevna, doctor of economic sciences, associate professor.

E-mail: galina066@mail.ru.

Annotation: examines the role of intellectual capital in the formation of market value of enterprises. The authors analyze the structure, methods of measurement and valuation of intellectual capital. Substantiates the relationship of intellectual capital companies and their market capitalization.

Keywords: intellectual capital, intangible assets, valuation of intellectual capital, the capitalization of the companies.

Article name: «Comprehensive assessment of organizational and economic activity industrial enterprise».

Authors: Matveeva EA Professor Univ. «Economic and Information Systems» Volga State University of Telecommunications and Informatics, Samara.

E-mail: helen_matveeva@mail.ru.

Annotation: in the article are considered the components that lead to produce systemic effects of organizational and economic activities of an industrial enterprise, resulting from the introduction and operation of enterprise management information system (EMIS).

Keywords: efficiency, control system, industry, information, computerization, systemic effect.

Article name: «Transformation of the relations of land ownership and development of other types of land rights».

Authors: Lipski Stanislav Andzheevich, head of the chair of the land law, State University of land management, doctor of economic sciences, docent.

E-mail: lipski-sa@yandex.ru.

Annotation: in the article it is considered as processes of privatization of land, delimitation of state ownership of land and re-registration of previously accrued rights to land. It is concluded that the current system of land rights corresponds to the level of development of market-relations, both in agriculture and in other sectors of the economy, the normal operation of which depends on the optimality of land relations in the situation. However, in this system there are a number of problems.

Keywords: land, ownership, privatization, land rights.

Article name: «Control over expenses of physical persons as a priority direction of the reform of the tax system in the Russian Federation».

Authors: Dozhdeva E.E. Ph.D Economics, associated professor of Samara Institute – Higher School of Privatization and Bisiness.

E-mail: dozhdeva69@mail.ru.

Annotation: the definition of shadow incomes of physical persons, the necessity of introduction of measures of tax control over the compliance of big expenses incomes of physical persons. Aim of introducing the mechanism of tax control over the compliance costs income of an individual is a need to improve the modern system of taxation of incomes of physical persons, which promotes the increase in fiscal significance of individual income tax in the budget system of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: tax on individual's income, the illegal income, taxable income, the costs and savings, tax control over compliance costs income of an individual.

Article name: «Directions of improvement of a technique of measurement of structural shifts».

Authors: N.P. Persteneva Samara Institute-High school of privatisation and business.

E-mail: persteneva_np@mail.ru.

Annotation: in article applied questions of the analysis of structural changes in economy are considered.  The possible directions of improvement of an existing method of calculation of indicators of the structural shifts, the degrees of a deviation connected with an assessment from a standard are offered. The technique is approved on materials of Rosstat and indicators of strategic development of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: structure, economy, standard, gross domestic product, statistics.

Article name: «Questions of economic incentives in the conditions of insufficiency of financing of prospecting works».

Authors: Zastupov Andrey Vladimirovich.

E-mail: oiler79@mail.ru.

Annotation: exhaustion of oil resources in many oil-extracting regions staticizes a problem of development of mechanisms of economic incentives of activity of the prospecting companies, effective regulation of tax system and its adaptation to needs of development of oil-extracting and prospecting branches. Offers on rational use of investment means in geological exploration and to justification of administrative decisions are considered. The main questions of tax and investment incentives of activity in the subsurface use sphere in the conditions of insufficiency of financing of prospecting works are taken up.

Keywords: prospecting works; tax system; economic incentives; investments; financing of prospecting works; subsoil user; mineral resources reproduction; administrative decisions; risks.

Article name: «Assessment of impact Russia's accession to WTO Russian stock market».

Authors: Yegorova N.E.

E-mail: nyegorova@mail.ru.

Annotation: this article discusses the possible consequences of Russia's accession to the WTO for the real and financial sector of the national economy. The technique of assessing the impact of the event in the dynamics of the RTS index and made a forecast of the stock market in the short term.

Keywords: macroeconomic indicators, stock market, the information signal, regression analysis, forecast of the dynamics of the RTS index.

Article name: «From state to state property owners».

Authors: Koshkin V.I., the SSPE rector, Doctor of Economics, the professor.

E-mail: rector@vshpp.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to international and Russian experience of privatization.

Keywords: property, economic and social development, market democracy, the associated property of citizens.

Article name:


E-mail: victoriatkacheva@yandex.ru.

Annotation: a state and municipal civil servant training is inseparably connected with the existing system of the professional education that is a part of the public economy sector. The article presents the present-day situation in the higher professional education, the problems of staff training for state and municipal civil service and their further development taking into account the situation mentioned above and within a framework of public economy sector evolution.

Keywords: public sector of the economy, higher professional education, state and municipal civil servants.

Article name: Bolshevism and liberalism, about a self-fulfilling forecasts and dashed hopes St. Ivanovich.

Authors: Ninceeva G.V. Professor of the St. Petersburg University Economy and the finance.

E-mail: istec_finec@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article deals with the economic views of St. Ivanovic.

Keywords: economic policy, the Bolshevik dictatorship, the new regime Bolshevik socialism, civil liberties, political freedom, social justice.

№4, 2013

Article name: «Problems of estimation and management by the objects of cultural heritage».

Authors: Domnina Svetlana Valentinovna; Muratova Milana Azamatovna.

E-mail: swdomnina@mail.rumilana5.92@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted  to the problems of estimation and management by the objects of cultural heritage. The features of objects of cultural heritage are enumerated, influencing on their cost. The problems of estimation of objects of cultural heritage are educed. The model of pricing of objects of a cultural heritage within expensive approach is offered. Legal norms are shown, regulative relations in the process of estimation and management the objects of cultural heritage.

Keywords: objects of cultural heritage, estimation of objects of cultural heritage, management by the objects of cultural heritage.

Article name: «Rationalization of economic behavior for eco-friendly consumption».

Authors: Shekhova Nataliya; Vyatkin Pavel.

E-mail: nataly65vf@gmail.comecafed@mail.ru.

Annotation: in article the problem of influence of rational economic behavior on consumption of the goods assuming use of reusable packing materials is considered. The special attention is paid to the size of demand for such goods. Authors of article make specific recommendations about justification of the price of the benefits using various packing materials.

Keywords: rational behavior, eco-friendly consumption, recycling of waste, consumer choice, price policy of processed materials, demand for reusable packings, responsible consumption.

Article name: «About using branding as  indicator of a stability of regionally economic growth».

Authors: Chertykovzev Michael, post graduate HSPB.

E-mail: sodrugestvo.oorpo.samara@yandex.ru.

Annotation: discussed a problems of looking for new instruments to measure  stability of a regionally economic growth  using as an indicator  branding  data of different branches in a regional economy taking into account a foreign countries experience.

Keywords: regional branding, degree of branding, stability of regional economy growth, claster, collective trademark.

Article name: «he ownership of human capital: content of a category».

Authors: Suslova Olga Michailovna, Ph.D. (economics).

E-mail: suslova_om_vostok@hotbox.ru.

Annotation: in the article the concept of ownership of human capital is expounded on the base of methodological principles of political economy. Characteristics of human capital’s ownership are defined. Human capital’s assignment and estrangement processes as the basis of relations of human capital’s ownership are studied.

Keywords: ownership of human capital, human capital, characteristics of human capital’s ownership, assignment and estrangement of human capital.

Article name: «Fiduciary aspects of democracy ownership».

Authors: Surikov K.Yu.

E-mail: sourikov.k@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article examines current problems of democratization of property in the Russian Federation. A new way to encourage employees of budgetary enterprises by paying part of their wages in the form of dividends from the shares of state-owned enterprises. The size of dividends depends on the rating of fiduciary (trust rating) individuals.

Keywords: privatization of property, fiduciary rating, money issue, the stimulation of work, transaction costs.

Article name: «The concept of public ant its future in the works N.N. Alekssev».

Authors: Nintsieva G.V.

E-mail: istec_finec@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to the economic and political views of N.N. Alekseev.

Keywords: democracy, the monarchy, the Western parliamentary system, the Soviet state.

Article name: «Dynamics of human potential development in Privolzhskiy Federal County».

Authors: Fomenko Ekaterina Vladimirovna.

E-mail: fomenkoekaterina@mail.ru.

Annotation: the regularity of human potential development in Privolzhskiy Federal County has been researched. Main trends will reveal in development of the human potential region Privolzhskiy Federal County. The de tail classification of Privolzhskiy Federal County is shown by fundamental index of human potential. According to given feature are presented main types region, being included in Privolzhskiy Federal County.

Keywords: human potential, index of the human development, material well-being, formation, longevity.

Article name: «On the construction of the new tax models».

Authors: Afanasenko A.K.


Annotation: the article is devoted to the construction of a new model of taxation.

Keywords: fiscal system, tax rates and compensation for fiscal, banking, private bank accounts of citizens.

Article name: «Russian privatization terms of methodology of complexity theory».

Authors: Kretov S.I.

E-mail: kretsi1955@gmail.com.

Annotation: the article deals with the problems associated with privatization in Russia.

Keywords: privatization, pattern of organization of the system, the theoretical model of the system, the process of the system, dissipative systems, bifurcation point, autopoiesis, associative property of citizens.

Article name: «A new model of Russian economic reform».

Authors: Dorogov N.I.

E-mail: dorogovni@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article investigates the problems of reforming the Russian economy.

Keywords: the state of the Russian economy, the global financial crisis, the functions of the state, economic strategy, a model of economic reform.

Article name: «The role of public sector of economy in reconciling the interests of the individual and society».

Authors: Mysliaeva I.N.


Annotation: the article is devoted to the role of the public sector to harmonize the interests of the individual and society.

Keywords: the public sector, public goods, market mechanisms, social protection, social consumption funds, taxation.

Article name: «Features assessment creative in conditions of market economy».

Authors: Koshkina M.V.

E-mail: kisa1405@cemu.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to creative activity in conditions of market economy.

Keywords: creative product, copyright, art market, the cost of intellectual works price of the products of creative activity.

№3, 2013

Article name: «Particularly price Classification residential real estate market in the city of Moscow».

Authors: Eltarenko E.A.; Svetlakov V.I.

E-mail: EAEltarenko@mephi.ru2901692@mail.ru.

Annotation: this paper considers the possibility of using the price classification to identify the behaviors of different classes of residential property in times of economic crisis.

Keywords: assessment, residential property, estate classes, classes pricing, price-determining factors.

Article name: «Problems of providing Russian non-state structures involved in international economic partnership with a professional stuff».

Authors: Chertykovzeva Tatiana, Head of the International cooperation center, PhD in economics.

E-mail: vostok50@mail.ru.

Annotation: discussed are problems of providing with a professional stuff  of Russian structures involved in international economic partnership as non-state actors of economic diplomacy.

Keywords: non-state actors, сongress- and exibition activities, Chambers of industry and commerce, economic diplomacy.

Article name: «About using branding as indicator of a stability of regionally economic growth».

Authors: Chertykovzev Michael, post graduate HSPB.

E-mail: sodrugestvo.oorpo.samara@yandex.ru.

Annotation: discussed a problems of looking for new instruments to measure  stability of a regionally economic growth  using as an indicator branding data of different branches in a regional economy taking into account a foreign countries experience.

Keywords: regional branding, degree of branding, tability of regional economy growth, claster, collective trademark.

Article name: 

Authors: Kononova Galina Alekseeevna — the St. Petersburg state economic university; Tsiganov Vsevolod Vasilyevich — the Higher school of privatization and business.

E-mail: galina682@mail.rutsvv@list.ru.

Annotation: in article intangible assets as an essential element of property of the enterprise are considered. Features of formation of intangible assets are opened. Features of management by intangible assets taking into account an enterprise kind of activity are described.

Keywords: intangible assets. Enterprise. Problems and methods of formation of intangible assets.

Article name: «The relationship between innovation environment and control systems».

Authors: Sotnikova K.I.

E-mail: krsotnikova@mail.ru.

Annotation: the main and defining institutional success factor in creating an innovative environment in the company is its management system, introduced in turn a set of elements such as the philosophy of the organization and its corporate culture, its principles and used by tools and techniques. A common feature characteristic of the control systems of its best-known innovative companies, is to appeal to the internal incentives of employees: the desire for autonomy, the pursuit of skill perfection and the desire to follow the highest goal, the destination organization. In contrast, traditional hierarchical management system differs, the centralization of decision-making, strict control and functionality, as a consequence, the lack of motivation of employees to self-improvement and development. To enhance the innovative capacity of the internal need to understand the limits that are given the existing management system, and to begin the transformation of the system, aimed at creating an innovative environment of the organization through the disclosure of its creative personnel staff.

Keywords: management system, innovation, innovation environment, innovation potential.

Article name: «Problems of increasing effectiveness of governmental innovative activity management in contemporary Russia».

Authors: Svirina A., Doctor of Economics, head of department, Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev.

E-mail: anna_svirina@list.ru.

Annotation: the paper deals with key issues of increasing effectiveness of governmental innovative activity management in modern environment which are defined on the basis of structural and logical analysis and implementation of social and economic networks analysis methods.

Keywords: governmental management, innovation infrastructure, innovative activity.

Article name: 

Authors: Natalya N. Belanova.

E-mail: Belanova.nata@yandex.ru.

Annotation: the article deals with the modern fiscal policy and  the new budget rules. The Russian budget process depends on the world oil prices. The author shows the dependence of planning budget expenditures on the main directions of economic development.

Keywords: the budget process, the Federal budget, fiscal policy, state budget expenditures, fiscal rules.

Article name: «Problems income distribution in the innovation economy».

Authors: Semenikhin A.I.

E-mail: asemenikhin@mail.ru.

Annotation: article is devoted to the distribution of income in the innovation economy.

Keywords: revenue, profit, factors of production investments, innovations.

Article name: «Improve and enhance the effectiveness of public policies on the use of mineral resources and mineral exploitation».

Authors: Kimelman S.A.

E-mail: mfkarta@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to public policy in the field of mineral resources and subsoil use.

Keywords: mineral resources complex, public ownership, the tax system, the national wealth of mineral resources, the budgetary costs.

Article name: «The cornerstone of economic models market democracy in Russia».

Authors: Koshkin V.I., the SSPE rector, Doctor of Economics, the professor.

E-mail: rector@vshpp.ru.

Annotation: article is devoted to the construction of the economic model of market democracy in Russia.

Keywords: economic crisis, Macroregulation associated property of the citizens, the factors of production, democratic market economy.

№2, 2013

Article name: «Risk management mechanisms on the basis of their complex assessment in the oil-extracting environment». 

Authors: Zastupov Andrey Vladimirovich.

E-mail: oiler79@mail.ru.

Annotation: investments into oil-extracting branch are interfaced today to big risks. In oil-extracting branch quite often the analysis of design risks is present at real practice only on a preinvestment phase by preparation of the feasibility study on the investment project. Development and implementation of investment projects in the conditions of uncertainty assume existence of the special kind of activity connected with risk management. The choice of methods and ways of risk management needs to be considered in a complex, taking into account interrelation between risks and planned results of the project. At implementation of a complex assessment of risks of one of tasks management of human behavior as productions are dictated by mutual interests and obligations is, forming partnership and mutually advantageous conditions. Thus the size of admissible size of risk which each of partners is ready to accept, will serve as limit of interests of separate groups, and the complex aspect of an assessment of risk will allow to minimize total expenses of acceptance of risk the oil-extracting enterprise.

Keywords: complex assessment of risks; design analysis; system approach; management of design risks; assessment of efficiency of the investment project; factors of stability of the project; organizational and economic mechanism; methods of control over risks.

Article name: «Value of the property right to lease land, transmit BY rehiring».

Authors: Kozlov V.V.; Frolovsky N.G.


Annotation: the article deals with the valuation of the property right to lease the land to be transferred by the example of rehiring lease of agricultural land. Submitted legal analysis accompanying the leases of agricultural land, and the analysis methods to assess the right to conclude a lease of land. The problems of determining the market value of lease rights and offered recommendations on the use of existing assessment methods, and explores new ways to assess the right to lease the land to be transferred by rehiring.

Keywords: Earth; Agriculture; rent; perenaёm; evaluation; market price.

Article name: «Public-private partnerships in the management of land and property relations with secondary market instruments».

Authors: Illarionov, VA, Candidate of Economic Sciences., Associate Professor, Kazan Federal University.

E-mail: illar2020@mail.ru.

Annotation: currently, there is a need in the country management of land and property relations with the use of land securities, to form a developed infrastructure of the stock market in the field of land and property relations with a sufficient range of stock arrangements and financial instruments. And use almost a priori and a posteriori effectiveness of the land of the stock market in the economic development of Russia.

Keywords: public-private partnerships, land security, infrastructure, land of the stock market.

Article name: «JSC «Rostelekom» as the main market entity of telecommunications services in Samara region».

Authors: S.M. Voronkova — Applicant of Higher School of Privatization and Business-Samara Institute.

E-mail: sm_voronkova@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article sees in and gives the analysis of the activities of telecommunication company JSC «Rostelecom» in Russian national market and its Samara branch which forms part of interregional branch «Rostelekom-Volga». The analysis showed that in Samara market the main directions of «Rostelecom-Volga» activities are broad-band access, pay TV and mobile telecommunication services.

Keywords: JSC «Rostelecom», «Rostelecom-Volga», telecommunications services, communications services, the Internet, mobile telecommunications.

Article name: «Mutual investment funds for qualified investors in implementation of investment and development projects».

Authors: Lyakhnova Anna.

E-mail: alyahnova@bk.ru.

Annotation: the paper identifies the main advantages of mutual funds intended for qualified investors in the implementation of investment and development projects through a mutual fund structure. The problem of recognition of a qualified investor as well as the possibility of re-training fund.

The author analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of organizing mutual funds for qualified investors to implement investment projects, conclusions on possible ways of improving the mechanism.

Keywords: closed mutual funds, investment activity, qualified investors.

Article name: «The investment behavior of public corporations under insider control».

Authors: Sokolov A.A.

E-mail: sokol993@gmail.com.

Annotation: the peculiarities of formation of state corporations and their legal basis, advantages and disadvantages, assesses the quality of state control over their activities. The analysis is based on the model of the informal, insider control over the assets of rent-seeking on the part of government officials and managers. It describes the main negative consequences of the systematic withdrawal of assets, primarily damage to the investment strategies of state corporations.

Keywords: oriented behavior, public corporations, insider control, insider rent, investment, innovation.

Article name: «Modern Municipality — the factory or service platform for civil society?»

Authors: Emil Markwart.

E-mail: sluzhebnyem@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article examines the nature of modern municipalities.

Keywords: municipalities, local government, government regulation, municipal services.

Article name: «Associated own citizens democracy as a tool of Russian market economy».

Authors: Koshkin V.I., the SSPE rector, Doctor of Economics, the professor.

E-mail: rector@vshpp.ru.

Annotation: actual questions of the economy of modern Russia — property relations. It is proposed to every citizen to legally formalize the ownership of natural resources, which will contribute to the accumulation of individual capital and rapidly increase the total turnover of capital in the country as a whole.

Keywords: property reform, privatization, natural resources, rent payments, social activity.

Article name: «The Maastricht model of different velocity integration and crisis of competitiveness of the EU countries».

Authors: Sarishvili Grigory, working for doctor`s degree in The Institute of Economics RAS(Russian Academy of Sciences), candidate of economic sciences.

E-mail: grinsa@mail.ru.

Annotation: the conception of diversification initially had economic and financial constraints. This scheme had been working before the Maastricht Agreement. Membership of new participating countries was mostly a politically-motivated decision. The crisis of 2008 showed all economic risks of this decision. Reorganisation of financial sector and political reform of the union can help to overcome the deadlock.

Keywords: competition policy, integration resource, catching-up development, different velocity integration, economic crisis.

Article name: «Acmelogical approach to the management of the evaluation of human capital».

Authors: Tuguskina Galina Nikolaevna, professor of Penza state university.

E-mail: galina066@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article considers the problem of human resources management, related to the assessment; analysis of the main approaches to the assessment of the value of human capital; offers the possibility to use the acmeological approach to the assessment.

Keywords: human capital, acmeology, professionalism, assessment.

Article name: «Economica analysis and its role in the valuation of an enterprise (business)».

Authors: E.M. Pimenova Ph.D in Economics, assorciated professor of Samara Institute — Higher School of Privatization and Business.

E-mail: pimenova-elena@rambler.ru.

Annotation: the process of  an enterprise (business) valuation, the place of economic analysis in this process, the author’s point of view on the order of  the in-depth retrospective and prospective analysis of the financial state of an enterprise are researched in the article.

Keywords: economic analysis, assessment of an enterprise value, investment attractiveness of an enterprise, analysis of the financial state of an enterprise.

Article name: «Middle class as a political actor of Modernization in modern Russia».

Authors: Lyahov V.P.

E-mail: office@osteuro.com.

Annotation: article actualizes the problem of the role of the middle class in the modernization transformations in the contemporary socio-political space of Russia. It is proved that the middle class in Russia is not yet a full-fledged actor in political modernization.

Keywords: the middle class, political actors, the political modernization of the Russian society.

Article name: «Aspects of organization cost efficiency of management of the organization».

Authors: Lomakin Andrey — the post-graduate student of Samara Institute of Higher School of Privatization and Business.

E-mail: andrey_lomakin@mail.ru.

Annotation: in article the state-of-the-art review of key aspects on enhancement of system of management in modern conditions of development is carried out.

Keywords: management, management structure, situational approach, management model.

№1, 2013

Article name: «Comparative assessment of components of a life quality in Samara region».

Authors: Domnina  S.V., Ph.D. in Economics, associated professor of SI HSPB; Yavkin N.V., Ph.D. in Political, associated professor of SI HSPB.

E-mail: swdomnina@mail.ru.

Annotation: there is the author's treatment of the category of "the life quality" in the article. The content of the article is displayed. There is the analysis of the life quality as the local population as migrants living in the Samara region. The paper demonstrates the significant indicators of the life quality as for the old residents, as for cultural distinguishable migrants.

Keywords: life quality, old residents, cultural distinguishable migrants, economic indicators, social and cultural factors, sociological research.

Article name:

Authors: Yankov K.

E-mail: kirill_yankov@mail.ru.

Annotation: we consider the development of paid nature between market reforms and the establishment of the existing taxes and royalties. Proposals to mainstream mining rent in taxation.

Keywords: minerals, paid use of mineral resources, taxes and fees, licensing of subsoil areas, mining rent, rental payment.

Article name: «Theoretical aspects of the tax regulation of the economy and social processes».

Authors: Dozhdeva E. E. Ph.D Economics, associated professor of Samara Institute — Higher School of Privatization and Bisiness.

E-mail: dozhdeva69@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article offers the most precise definition of public fiscal management of the economy and social processes. Defined forms, tools, subjects and objects of state tax regulations in order to best use state tax mechanism for solving economic and social problems.

Keywords: state tax regulation of economic and social processes, forms, tools, subjects and objects of tax regulation.

Article name: «Application program-target approach the management of public property in the natural-resource field».

Authors: Koshkin L.I.

Phone number: (499) 690-02-32.

Annotation: the methodology and the target-oriented management, the possibilities and conditions for the development and effective implementation of the target program on management of state property in the natural resource sector. Proposals for state bodies to ensure the legal protection and easing the fiscal burden on participants in the program, compensation arising without fault of their own losses, and others.

Keywords: programme-oriented management, public ownership, legal and economic mechanisms for natural resource sphere, the northern regions.

Article name: «Causes of unethical behavior in today’s business organizations».

Authors: Ivaschenko G.G.

E-mail: bons_@mail.ru.

Annotation: the article considers the reasons of unethical behavior of people and organizations in the business, analyses positive and negative consequences of unethical behavior for each of these reasons, compares ethical and unethical behavior in each case, focuses on the internal environment of the organization.

Keywords: ethics, business, management, unethical behavior.

Article name: «The urgency of modernization approach to assessing business activity of an enterprise».

Authors: E.M. Pimenova Ph.D in Economics, assorciated professor of Samara Institute -  Higher School of Privatization and Business.

E-mail: pimenova-elena@rambler.ru.

Annotation: the different interpritations of the term “business activity”, the author’s point of view on this question and specific proposals for the formation of the extended system of indicators to assessing business activity are presented in this article.

Keywords: business activity, turnover, the system of indicarors, criteria for business activity.

Article name: 


E-mail: office@samin.ru.

Annotation: the article describes the main theoretical approaches to the economic nature of small business and entrepreneurship. The factors of the formation of small business, as well as its role in modern economies of developed countries. Described the benefits of small business to big business.

Keywords: business, entrepreneurship, business, concept, factor, the essence, the system, the economy and society.

Article name: «Northern indigenous population interests protection mechanism forming: object and information environment».

Authors: Ledkov G.P., Deputy of The Russian Federation State Duma; Soloviev M.M., Professor, Dr. (Technician) Sciences. National Research University Higher School of Economics.

E-mail: Ledkov@duma.rumsoloviev@hse.ru.

Annotation: organization-economical aspects of indigenous population interest protection mechanism are analyzed in concern with industrial assimilation of the Northern territories (samples of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomic Okrug), including: protected objects and targets choice and confirmation, information providing sources and results terms.

Keywords: indigenous population, interests, protection mechanism, information providing.

Article name: «The need for state protection of private property».

Authors: Plygin V.N.

E-mail: secretary2plus@yust.ru.

Annotation: the article is devoted to the role of the state in the development of private property.

Keywords: private property, privatization, entrepreneurship, social justice, corruption.

Article name: «Accounting and and analysis of the intellectual potential of consulting business».

Authors: Ekaterina Mokhnatova the senior lecturer of finance and credit of SI HSPB.

E-mail: katiam@yandex.ru.

Annotation: this article highlights the key techniques of collecting, recording and summarizing information about the intellectual potential of the auditing and consulting firm, the basic methods of analysis of the use of such resources, practical recommendations on personnel policy of the company, provider of audit and consulting services.

Keywords: intellectual potential, intellectual capital, human capital, intellectual capital management, reporting, management accounting.

Article name: «Information flows in management».

Authors: Chursin V.V.

E-mail: office@samin.ru.

Annotation: the paper deals with the flow of information in management.

Keywords: information technology, management, means of informatization, system approach.

Article name: «On the issue of government noncommercial organization management».

Authors: Svirina Anna Andreevna — Head of Economics and Management department of Chistopol branch office “Vostok”, Kazan National Research Technical University).

E-mail: anna_svirina@list.ru.

Annotation: the paper analyzes existing approaches towards quantitative measuring of governmental noncommercial organizations efficiency, proves the necessity for improvement of this system from management principles point of view, defines main limitations for use of quantitative approach in governmental management of noncommercial organizations.

Keywords: management, governmental property, non-commercial organizations, quantitative approach, efficiency, effectiveness.