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Requirements for entering the wording of the article and the terms of publication

1. For the publication of an article in the journal «Economics and Management property» (pre-text is sent to the editor by e-mail) should be submitted:

a) printed on the paper copy of the article (the amount of the original article should not exceed 10 pages Overview — 16 pages of text). The text is printed with 1.5 line spacing on one side of A4 pages numbered field of 2.5 cm). Shifts in the article do not use. Discharging text excluded.

b) a floppy disk (disk) with the identical text of the article (plus abstract) and brief information about the author. Abstract and brief information about the author: full name (in full), academic degree, academic status, place of employment, position, contact information for correspondence submitted in Russian and English. The electronic format of the text should be typed in Word 97, not below the font Times New Roman, 12-14 points (for Office 2007 Article saving mode compatible with Office 2003).

c) two reviews external opponents professionals (signature must be certified, printing); all materials submitted to the executive secretary of the publication.

2. The order of registration of the article:

a) the name;

b) the author's name, followed by initials;

c) a brief abstract of the contents of the article (rows 6-9) keywords.

Information on all three items presented in Russian and English.

3. Copyright sight:

a) the author is personally responsible for the accuracy of the information in his article, quotations (direct and indirect) and the accuracy of the statements titles in footnotes (in the bibliography).

b) after the proofreading of all the printed text of the article and checking all quotations (direct and indirect) by the last page of his own writing: «Article fully deductible. All the quotes verified. Anonymous has no borrowings. (Date. Signature)».

4. Optimum volume of submissions:

  • Article - 10-12 pages (about 20 thousand. signs);
  • Reviews, reviews - up to 3 pages (6 thousand. characters).

The excess volume — up to 25% — allowed with prior consent of the editor of the magazine.
Rules for the preparation of articles for submission to the journal «Economics and Management property».

General requirements:

a) a clear computer printout in A4 format; 12-14 points; 1.5 line spacing; field — 2,5 cm (from all sides);

b) certainly justification, first line — indent;

c) after the title of the article (centered) — initials before the surname, name of the author — completely. Academic degree, academic rank and title (name of organization or institution);

d) it is desirable to get acquainted with the rules of registration of footnotes on STATE (located on the official website of the Russian Ministry WAC);

d) punctuation mark placed after the footnote number is placed at the bottom right of the page, a footnote should be given on the last page of the article running lists;

e) in footnotes page is indicated as follows: pp 142-145. Name of the author, and then — the initials. In the text — the initials before the surname. Footnotes initials and surname of the author are in italics;

g) the word «article» is reduced «Art. 3.4. Claim 2». At the beginning of the sentence is not reduced. «Years» — cut: «... in the 90s. the last century». At the beginning of the sentence is not reduced «in 2008 ...»;

h) point after the «million» and «billion» is not put. After the «thousand». And «people». Is placed;

i) «because» is written in full, «that is» reduced «that»;

d) to avoid errors in the set is not allowed to use instead of parentheses: (...) - oblique lines: /.../;

a) the selection of words in the text of the article may be in the form of italics or bold.

Figures should have an extension that is compatible with Word 97 (Figure MS Word (line width — not less than 3 pixels), editors Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustraton etc.).

Photos should be very clear, glossy paper and or in TIFF format with a resolution of 300 dpi (color code CMYK).

All lettering on the figures should be explained in the ground or under illustration texts.

Mathematical formulas should be typed in the formula editor Math Tupes 5.0 Equation or MS Equation 3.0, Greek and Russian letters will be dialed direct print, Latin — in italics. Should be numbered only those formulas that are referenced in the following discussion.

Information about the author

Information about the author in Russian and English languages: postal address, telephone, e-mail, full name is attached on a separate sheet (or a separate file), on a floppy disk (disk) indicates the name, place of employment, position, academic degree, contact information for correspondence .

The fee for the publication of a post-graduate in the journal «Economics and Management property» manuscripts of their articles will be charged.

The procedure for review of manuscripts

Executive secretary of the journal at the next meeting of the Editorial Board of the reports received by the manuscript and their summary.

Editor in chief (or his assistant) requests the particular member of the Editorial Board (Editorial Board), in accordance with the profile of his scientific activity of the corresponding review of manuscripts received, taking into account the profile of the magazine and the requirements for the level of quality of the material presented.

Expert assessment in accordance with the established procedure of reviewing manuscripts are all received by the Editor for publication materials. At the same time as reviewers in addition to the members of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Board, in accordance with their scientific interests and activities, can act as scientists and specialists SI VSHPP, research institutes and universities, ministries and departments.

Within a month, reviewers should prepare a written opinion on the possibility of a particular publication of the manuscript and to report thereon at the meeting of the Editorial Board. In the case of a negative decision on the possibility of publication of the article the author sent a reasoned refusal and a copy of the review.

The Editorial Board is a review of manuscripts to authors and expert council VAK at their request.